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At Nano Cell Farms we are a company focused on Research and Development, a pioneer in production processes for the synthesis of high quality Bacterial Nano Cellulose, its scaling up to an industrial level and applications in products with high added value and technology.


We are allies of Nature, the Environment, Science and technology for the production of Bacterial NanoCellulose on an industrial scale, which is based on innovative knowledge and unique processes, which have been developed by our great team of professionals.

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Nano Cell Farms is a specialized company in the scale production of high quality Bacterial NanoCellulose and offers its partners innovative and forward-looking product solutions in the life sciences sector.

We focus on providing our customers with custom-made products that offer the highest level of quality and safety.



Bacterial NanoCellulose or BioCellulose is an ultra-clean biopolymer built with nanometric-sized fibers in the form of a 3D matrix.

Due to its unique properties, it is used in the production of medical devices, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, food and textiles, among others.


As a result of years of advanced research and production, we have developed industrial-scale NanoCellulose production methods, which allow us to grow ultra-pure, non-toxic and extremely durable tissue.

Our NanoCellulose is an innovative smart sterilized biomaterial produced by a highly efficient strain of bacteria.

This type of material has been shown to be one of the most durable and effective fabrics that can be used in the production of:

  • Medical implants of different types

  • excellent face masks

  • Wound dressings, which improve the rapid and painless healing of wounds.

  • food ingredients

  • BioTextiles

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Nano Cell Farms is made up of an interdisciplinary research team from the fields of nanotechnology, biology and industrial design, which develops sustainable materials from Bacterial Nano Cellulose and its scalable production and finishing processes.

Our know-how in all matters related to the production and development of Bacterial NanoCellulose and applications exists thanks to a great team of professionals, who form the basis of our success.

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Nano Cell Farms was founded by business and academic leaders who are truly dedicated and committed to the development of the biotech business sector.


During the 2010s, the first steps were taken in biotechnological solutions with Bacterial NanoCellulose in the food industry in Colombia. As a result of these efforts, they became the first manufacturers of edible ingredients produced in a natural process of Bacterial NanoCellulose in the region.


Years later, Nano Cell Farms was founded, which today is a pioneering biotechnological company in the production of NanoCellulose with presence in America and Europe.

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