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Nano Cell Farms wins BFFood Business Food Factory acceleration program - Spain

Of the selected projects, 6 will access the consolidation program and 7 the Business Factory Food acceleration program.

Among those selected for acceleration is NANO CELL FARMS.

These initiatives have been selected from a total of 42 applications submitted with the aim of solving some of the great challenges facing the food and beverage industry from Galicia.

BBFood Nano Cell Farms
BBFood Nano Cell Farms

On June 10, 2022, in its 4th edition, the selection and awards of the companies participating in the acceleration and consolidation program were carried out.

Organized by the BFFood Busines Factory Food, the Junta Xunta de Galicia and the Galician Food Cluster, the BFFood is an accelerator It seeks to attract and promote innovative entrepreneurial projects, both national and international, to face the challenges of the sector in an environment global.

What is BBFood?

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NANO CELL FARMS will receive comprehensive and specialized support, for nine months in the acceleration program, with access to mentoring, training, coaching, technical services, infrastructure and means specifically designed for its field of development with the aim of promoting its innovative idea to make facing the challenges of the sector.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive financial support, through the Galician Agency for Innovation (Gain), of €25,000 non-refundable, and from XesGalicia, through a participatory loan that could entail a capitalization option of up to €50,000. .

Those in charge of the mentoring process of the projects selected in the IV Edition of BFFood will be Kiwi Atlántico, Casa Grande de Xanceda, Galacteum, Hijos de Rivera, Gadisa, Nueva Pescanova, ALS Laber, Innolact, Torre de Núñez, Viña Costeira, Larsa- Capsa Food, Ceamsa and Lence-Leche Río.

The Executive Committee of the BFFood awards an extraordinary prize to NANO CELL FARMS

Nano Cell Farms BBFood
Nano Cell Farms BBFood

The BFFood Executive Committee decided to exceptionally increase the number of places for the acceleration category and will have 7 projects, and not the 6 that were initially planned.

The beneficiary of this place, in runner-up mode, has been the NANO CELL FARMS project, from Colombia, which proposes the production of Nano Bacterial Cellulose (NBC) from different sources and substrates or agro-industrial waste.

The main novelty of this project is to be able to transform a by-product, which is currently discarded, into a nanomaterial, and that high-impact applications can be developed from it, in foods as nutraceutical ingredients and in phytotherapeutics in the form of dressings and cosmetics.

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