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NanoCellulose Face Masks

You may still not know anything about NanoCellulose and its multiple uses in cosmetics, all the development behind it and why it makes it the perfect material for Facial Masks.

Mascarilla Nanocelulosa Vegana
Mascarilla Nanocelulosa Vegana

Bacterial Nanocellulose is a very fine natural fiber. Grown in a laboratory or at the industrial level using fruit extracts and other natural agro-industrial by-products, which are converted into Nanocellulose, this Nanocellulose is composed of absorbent fibers that adhere to the skin.

NanoCellulose masks fit like a second skin as they were originally developed for use on artificial skin.

Thanks to its excellent shelf life and moisturizing power. One of its medicinal uses is the treatment of severe burns.

Aposito de Nanocelulosa
Aposito de Nanocelulosa

Nanocellulose has incredible cooling properties for the skin, tests have shown that it can reduce skin temperature by up to 5.1 degrees in just 30 minutes.

This makes a Nanocellulose face mask an ideal post-sun skin care product.

Nanocellulose Masks have adherence and perfect fit to the shape of the face

Nanocellulose Masks adapt to any facial contour. Nanocellulose fibers are only 37 nanometers in diameter.

That's 1/1000 the diameter of a human hair and smaller than a ridge of skin, allowing it to penetrate and hydrate every inch of the face.

Unlike other materials, Nanocellulose Face mask has a snug fit and stays in place whether you're lying down, relaxed, or upright.

It also fits comfortably around the nose. It can be removed without peeling and put back.

Ajuste Mascarilla Nanocelulosa
Ajuste Mascarilla Nanocelulosa

Nanocellulose Masks locks in moisture

When applied, the Nanocellulose Mask forms a breathable barrier that retains moisture. The small fibers of Nanocellulose can absorb up to 100 times their dry weight in liquid.

You can see the difference after 15-20 minutes, the mask visibly thins as the serum or active ingredient is absorbed into the skin.

It is proven that Nanocellulose masks contain 3 times more essence than other masks on the market.

Nanocelluse Masks also work and act faster thanks to the tiny fibers that adhere to each fold of the skin.

Nanocellulose masks take care of the Environment

Do you care about the environment? Many paper, hydrogel, cotton, and jute masks claim to be biodegradable, but are often impregnated with chemicals, making them unsuitable for composting.

Nanocellulose face masks are not only a natural product made from organic materials, they are also completely biodegradable and compostable.

When you wear them, you can relax a little more knowing you're doing the right thing for the planet and your skin.

If you are interested in developing or incorporating NanoCellulose in your cosmetic, phytotherapeutic, pharmaceutical, food products or any other possible application, contact us so we can help you.

At Nano Cell Farms we have a team of experienced professionals, technology and knowledge applicable to projects that include Nanocellulose anywhere in the world.

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